J&J EZ Fundraisers

No group too big or small !


As with many other businesses, fundraising has had to change the way it does business. We have made changes to the way we do our deliveries as well as the fundraisers themselves. Here are our options.

1) Traditional brochure fundraising

If you have access to your participants, & you want to do a brochure sale, we will deliver the product to you already sorted by participant & by team or classroom. If you need our help in handing out the product, we do a drive through pick up. We have everything lined up alphabetically. The parent drives up, tells us the child’s name & we load it in the back of their car or truck. The parent does not get out of the car. A no touch, social distancing fundraiser. Profit 40%-50%. All orders & money would need to be turned in.

2) Online product fundraising

A personal link is sent out from the participant to family & friends who may want to support them. When the customer purchases product from the link, they can have it mailed directly to them & shipping charges will apply. If the group that is fundraising has access to the participant’s, then the customer can choose the mail to school option & the shipping is free. The participant would then pick up the items that were sold & distribute them as they would a brochure sale. All payments are done online regardless of where it is shipped. No collecting of money, or order forms. Receive a profit check after the fundraisers is over. 37%-40% profit.